Our landscape maintenance services will keep your property looking its best all year round.  Maintaining a landscape can be a daunting task if you are short on time or if the scope of work is large or difficult.  Hiring Picture Lake Landscaping can relieve you of this duty and will leave you a fantastic finished product.  Our detailed bush trimming,  crisp edging, smooth even mulch applications, and most importantly our friendly staff help set us apart from the competition.  We know you’ll be happy with our service each and every time.

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • Spring Cleanups

    – The winter months can leave a landscape filled with leaf and stick debris along with faded mulch.  Our spring cleanup service can be an early simple cleanup of this debris or a complete maintenance project come the spring and summer months.  Early spring cleanups usually begin to happen once the snow leaves the area whereas the more complete spring cleanups happen in May and June.  These later cleanups include debris cleanup, weeding, bush trimming, edging, and mulch installation leaving your landscape ready for the summer entertaining months.

  • Mulching

    – Picture Lake Landscaping uses high quality hardwood mulches to make your landscape complete.  Mulching provides benefits such as water retention for plants, weed control, and completing the look of a finely care for landscape.

  • Professional ornamental tree and shrub trimming

    – From large hedge shearing to delicate hand pruning we will make sure you plants receive the best care.

  • Fall Cleanups

    – Quick and efficient leaf removal.  Stop raking and let us remove the leaves for you.

  • Weekly Lawn Maintenance Packages

    – (Hamburg & Areas of Orchard Park Only)  Includes mowing, trimming, and clearing of clippings from walks and driveways using a powered blower.  Additional items include sidewalk & driveway edging (weekly/monthly/yearly) and grass bagging.  Picture Lake Landscaping only bags grass when absolutely necessary as the grass clippings provide high quality nutrients to the soil.  Any bagging outside of what Picture Lake Landscaping deems necessary will be an additional cost.

    * Lawn maintenance is provided only to our clients, whom at a minimum, sign up for our yearly Spring Cleanup with Mulch service.  

Our main service areas include: