For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here.

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Q: “When should I contact you about getting a project started?”

A: If you’re thinking about getting something done, we should start planning sooner than later.  When spring arrives we are typically booked solid with spring cleanups and mulch jobs until late May or early June.  The transition to summer typically eases our schedule and allows us to start installation & renovation projects.  Our services then shift completely towards leaf removals and landscape cleanups during the end of October through November.  During the cold winter months is a great time to allow planning of landscape projects as the planning process can take weeks.

Q: “Do you provide lawn mowing?”

A: We currently do not provide lawn mowing services.

Q:Why is landscaping so expensive? It’s just grass, mulch, and plants.”

A: In the most basic sense, yes, it is only those things.  The shifting trend of people wanting their weekends back for family time or  typically more fun activities has resulted in more people hiring landscape contractors to maintain their property.  While the tasks of landscaping tend to be simple, a good reputable landscape company must follow the same rules as any other business.  This means labor costs, insurance costs, truck and equipment costs, repair and maintenance costs, CPA and lawyer costs, and the list goes on.  Good landscape companies also spend time and money on training to ensure the best practices are used on your landscape to ensure the best service. These are things the business must pay before the owner can be paid, which typically includes a salary, healthcare, retirement benefits, insurances, and at the end, more taxes.  This is the difference why the kid down the street shows up for $10/hr and an established company with higher job costs.

Q: “Do you snow plow?”

A: No, not at this time.

Q: “Where do you get your materials for your landscape jobs?  Materials are so expensive!”

A: We source our plant material from local nurseries to ensure a top quality lasting product.  Our bulk products such as mulch, topsoil, and stone are sourced from the many local vendors who also sell top quality products.  Our hardscape products are sourced from UNILOCK but have options for many of the hardscape vendors.  We use these vendors to ensure that you are receiving the best product for your landscape.  We find that at a dedicated nursery they usually have horticulturalists caring for their plant stock.  This usually results in a much healthier plant that will last vs. an inexpensive alternative that is usually much smaller and not as well cared for.  We believe the better product sold at these dedicated nurseries is the right product for your landscape.