Are you in need of a landscape installation to replace old or outdated landscaping? Is your new build house in need of a new landscape?  Picture Lake Landscaping loves to create new landscapes for our clients.  Our landscape installation services can turn that old and out dated landscape into one that provides years of enjoyment.  From basic front foundation plantings to add some curb appeal, creating that one of a kind space to retreat to, and installing that new lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood.  Our installation procedures ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your landscape for years to come.

  • Landscape Design and Installation

    – Installing a new landscape can be a large investment in improving your property.  A new landscape installation is an investment that will reward you year after year as your landscape grows and matures giving your home more curb appeal.  To ensure you receive the landscape you want, we provide consultations on items such as site issues/needs, proper plant selection, and what maintenance needs your landscape will require.  Computer drawings are made to give you an idea of what your completed landscape will look like.  After the consultations and drawings are complete the process of installing the landscape begins.  For new home landscapes, beds will be created using a premium topsoil compost mix to provide the best growing medium for you new plants.  Plants will be planted at the proper depths and mulch will be applied for that finishing touch to make your landscape come alive.  After your installation be sure to sign up for our other landscape services that will keep your landscape looking fantastic each and every season.

  • Landscape Renovations

    – Renovations can include working with your existing landscape by keeping desirable plants and replacing any overgrown or unwanted plants with new plantings.  If you feel your current landscape is just too overgrown or stuck in another era it can be completely removed.  Each renovation will include many of the elements of a new landscape installation.  Consultations to discuss needs, computer landscape designs to show what the new landscape will look like, and proper plant selection and planting techniques will be used to ensure you enjoy your renovated landscape.

  • Sod Lawn Installations 

    – The fastest way to a new lawn is by installing sod.  A green full lawn is no issue when using a high quality sod.  There is no waiting for seeds to germinate and you don’t need to wait a few years for the lawn to totally fill in.  Sod lawns can be installed on newly graded soil after home construction or your old lawn can be removed and replaced with sod.

Our service area includes:



and the surrounding towns of the WNY area.

Here is an example of our new landscape bed preparation.

  1. We start by creating a basic computer drawing that will give an idea of what your new landscape will look like.
  2. Landscape beds are created using a blended topsoil/compost mix to ensure a fantastic growing medium for the new plantings.
  3. Final finishing with mulch and other features like boulders make the new landscape look great!